Ночной бульвар \ Night boulevard
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Автор Игорь Николаев
Исполняют Игорь Николаев и Наташа Королева
Песня вошла в диск  «Дельфин и русалка», 1992 год


Come now to the ring
Where the witches play
See wander thing again
The night coming soon
Drops to people you love
And makes forget all
Will make your pray
For good and for best
Join sadness mixed-up

My brands and my soul
I don't Know think it is
But now I am mad
The night keeps song
This fresh my head
Wanna (=want to) together run
Around you

Night Boulevard
Come the shining
Marvelous thing
Night Boulevard
Come the shining
Makes forget all
Night Boulevard

Dark smash’s spills
The crazy will
Strongest fighters feeling
One can feel
No more push my hand
From good to worse
On boulevards




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